About Blended Steps

We are passionate about helping members of blended families find a sense of belonging and purpose. Our commitment is to help you find a safe space in the “no new normal” blended family dynamic.

We are here to listen, feedback and help you find solutions to your unique family dynamic. 

We do not have a magic wand, but can help find your internal strength and compass that has worked for other blended families.

Step-parenting is not a once off or one size fits all approach. 

You are constantly dealing with emotions, family dynamics, outside pressures that can be relentless. 

There is no easy way, but there are some tried and tested processes that could work for your family dynamic.

The beauty of this means that you are given daily opportunities to learning what could work best for your family. AND when we know better, we do better.

We are currently based between Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. 



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Lianne du Toit


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About the Founder

The founder (Lianne du Toit) is the recent winner of 2018 Inspiring Fifty and voted as one of “Fast Company’s most creative people in business in 2016 and an entering nominee of the Digital Leadership Female Awards.

By day, she is the Business Network Director for non-profit YPO (Global platform for leaders to engage, learn and grow) and certified as a Leadership Coach helping to build the leaders of tomorrow today.

In “real-life” she helps raise twins in her own blended family dynamic, which has been the main driver in creating “Blended In to Step Out” space. 

“When I first started my blended family journey there was limited resources and support structures” says Lianne.

Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding journey’s they say, that is when they are your own, taking on that challenge with the stigma of “evil step-parents” adds a level of complexity that can cause doubt and put even a solid relationship to the test.

You do not have to be alone in your journey

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